Don’t compare yourself. We all lose our s#!t

After sitting down to watch Bad Moms recently, I suddenly thought to myself ‘I am Mila Kunis!!’ Ok I was her character Amy Mitchell. 

I often feel like I am drowning in a sea of expectations that I should live up to. Constantly juggling work, homework, reading books, open afternoons and extra curricular activities or lack of. 

When you walk up to the school gated and see all those mums who are always perfectly turned out, never lose their cool and their little darlings are so well behaved. The parents who send their kids on extra curricular activities 4 days a week, because it means they are giving their baby a varied social calendar, the mum who spends 48 hours baking 10 different sorts of cakes for the charity bake sale. These are all the mums who I compare myself to on a regular basis. 

I often feel like I put far too much pressure on myself to be some sort of ‘Super Mum’ who has it altogether and is succeeding at every aspect of life. It’s a bloody ouch job being a parent and it’s always throwing curve balls just when you think you have got it all figured out. Those moments when you think your child has mastered the art of bedtime and then the other one starts playing up. So when all you want to do is sit down and relax, instead you are up and down at least 10 times, gradually during into a mad woman who has started to lose her s#!t. You then end up having a 5 minute bath because you were waiting for the little ratbags… I mean darlings to sleep. Whilst in the bath you realise, the washing in the machine has been sat for 2 days and washed 3 times!!

Or how about when all you want is to sit with a coffee and flick through social media at 8am on a Saturday morning so you allow your children to raid the fridge and cupboards for their breakfast and it consists of crisps, Frankfurt sausages, cheesestrings and a yoghurt. The yoghurt and cheese string constitutes as part of a healthy breakfast right?? 

I regularly lose my s#!t at my kids and shout a bit too loud or often, I don’t feed them vegetables with every meal or just get a beige tea from out the freezer or forget about their spellings or homework until the night before. 

I could ramble on for hours about all the ‘wrong’ doings that I have done as a mother but my point is that outwardly I may be one of those mothers that gets looked at like I have it all worked out, but the truth of the matter is I really don’t and the only person who is putting pressure on me? Yes you guessed it, it’s me!! However my children are loved, cared for to the best of my ability and they both know that I would walk to the ends of the earth for them. I daily compare myself to other mothers, but we all lose our s#!t and we are all doing our best to raise our children in the way that we see fit!! 


4 thoughts on “Don’t compare yourself. We all lose our s#!t

  1. Oh this is definatly me too!! Saturday mornings the kids make their own cereal. They even feed my youngest!
    Tonight our dinner is beans on toast because they have overdosed on chocolate so aren’t that hungry. I don’t bake, I don’t craft and I have downloaded maths games on the Computer to help with thier homework because I don’t have the patience! But we are so close, happy and I love them to death! Great post xxx

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  2. I’m not a mum but I know this post will resonate with other mothers out there thinking the same thing, comparing themselves and feeling ‘bad’ or wondering whether they’re doing the ‘right’ things. An honest & refreshing post! 🙂

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  3. He he… At least they included yoghurts and cheese strings in the breakfast. Mine would have tea and biscuits or crisps and chocolate!!

    Luckily us Dad’s don’t seem to beat ourselves up so much. We seem to revel in being crap parents at times lol

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    1. Oh trust me, their breakfast has included chocolate and crisps at times. Yeah I have noticed that, men don’t seem to beat themselves up so much, or if they do, they certainly don’t make it public


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