An Evening of Dirty Dancing

A few weeks ago a competition came up on my Facebook feed about winning tickets to see a production at our local theatre. So I decided to tag my husband in it and suggest it could be an early birthday present.  Obviously I wasn’t expecting to win the competition as so many people joined in. My husband decided to just buy tickets instead of holding out hope of winning but kept it a secret from me until the tickets arrived. 

Dirty dancing is one of my all time favourite films that I will watch over and over again, so to see a production of all its soundtrack was something that I simply didnt want to miss. I was so grateful that my husband had got us tickets. 

From the minute we arrived at The New Theatre Royal in Lincoln the staff were amazing. There were 3 gentleman working on the bar and a rather large crowd of us wanting to get drinks before it started and also ordering drinks for the interval too. They all coped really well and were getting through everybody swiftly. The ladies that were showing people where their seats were, were very friendly and welcoming too. 

Once we were allowed to our seats I was amazed at how close we had been able to get, however the theatre is small in comparison so it’s quite crammed for leg space but hey I didn’t mind. We were 3 rows away from the stage and not far of being in the middle so we had perfect seating in my eyes. 

From the minute it started to the moment it ended we were all singing along, dancing and the cast even got everybody up at one point and people on stage to dance the ‘cha cha’ The energetic performances were outstanding, not one of the cast could be faulted for the dancing, singing and even the lifts!! The choreography was spot on every time! 

They had the right amount of engagement, humour, emotion and fun with the audience. They asked anybody to tweet them during the interval which would be read out in the second part, I of course had to tweet it was my early birthday present and got a little mention!! 

I really do urge anybody who loves dirty dancing to keep an eye out for this performance and go and see it. You will not be disappointed one bit!! 

Disclaimer – Please note this production is not affiliated with Dirty Dancing : The Classic Story on Stage in the Weat End or on tour in the U.K. or worldwide


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