Elite Fish & Chip Review

Nearly 40 years ago David and his wife Freda opened up the first Elite Fish & Chip shop. David had years of experience in the chippy world, as he had started off delivering the best of the best in potatoes to other chippys. So he certainly knew what was needed to succeed. 16 years later the very first Elite Fish & Chip restaurant and takeaway opened up in Ruskington and went on to win the National Fish & Chip of the year award in 1992. Fast forward a couple of years and the Elite was brought to Lincoln, offering seating for over 100 guests still using the orignal homemade tradtional batter from the 70’s.

This weekend I was given the amazing opportunity to dine here with my family and take part in their media campaign. I can honestly say that there wasn’t anything that I was disappointed with. We were greeted by Nigel the manager for the night, along with Mike who was taking our photographs and shown to a lovely table in the corner. More often than not, you normally presume a table in the corner is out of the way, but this was different. We could see the majority of the restaurant, the other diners, specials boards and didnt feel like we had been hidden away at all.

The decor was in keeping with what you would typically think about fish and chips, as in normally the older generation who go out on a Friday and have it for their supper. This is by no means a criticism in my eyes, I loved that it wasnt too in your face and was very relaxed and well kept. Everything was in good repair, clean, fresh and well looked after. During our visit both my daughter’s needed the toilet and so I took one and my husband took the other and we both commented on how well maintained the toilets were. My husband did say he was a little surprised that the taps were twist ones instead of push handles for hygiene reasons, but it wasn’t any major issue and certainly didn’t ruin our experience. 

The staff were all really happy and attentive and you could tell they genuinely enjoyed their jobs and wanted to be there. Each member of staff that we came into contact with were smartly presented and very accomadating. When Nigel seated us he very quickly grabbed a couple of activity packs for the girls to keep them both entertained and it also kept us adults happy too 🙂 These kept the girls occupied while we were waiting for our meals to arrive, so is a much appreciated touch from parents perspective. A young lady took our food order and drinks order in a timely manner and made sure to ask us questions about what sides we wanted and also read the order back to us.  Our drinks arrived within minutes which I was really happy with as I was looking foward to my hot choclate and cream. Ava-Leigh had a fruit shoot, Emme-Mai had a choclate milkshake and Brad had a coke. 

The first 2 meals to arrive were the kids meals, which again is something that we really appreciated as it meant that we could cut up, add sauce etc for the girls before our meals arrived. Ava-Leigh had fishcake, chips and peas, which she said tasted nice because it was soft. Emme-Mai had sausage and chips and in her words the sausage was yummy and soft too (thinks she means it wasn’t burnt) The kids portions were spot on for both of my daughter’s and really filled them up. A great little attention to detail by the staff is that the kids meals are served on cold plates to minmise the risk of them burning themselves. As for mine I had scampi and chips which was delicious. The breadcrumbs were golden brown and crispy, the actual scampi was succulent and had a decent amount of scamp within the breadcrumbs. The portions that I received were more than adequate and certainly filled the plate. Which leads me to my husband meal, now it’s no secret that he likes his food, so he had the Special Fish Dish which consisted of a very large piece of haddock, chips, mushy peas (you can choose garden peas) white bread (again can change for brown bread) and a drink. Now I don’t even know where to begin with the portion sizes for this as I am sure the piece of fish that Brad had could of fed a small village. It was humongous and that really is no word of a lie, they should call it the king size special. One thing that Brad did really like was the fact that within the chips you get the little scrappy ones that are mishaped and a little more crispy than the normal ‘fat’ chips. The fish melted in his mouth and just fell apart which he really enjoyed. We all commented on how nothing was greasy either which can happen at times with fish and chips, Brad and myself also passed comment on how all the food kept its temperature and remained hot. All the food was presented very well along with clean and polished cutlery. 

We did save a little space for desserts too, because let’s face it who doesnt have a second tummy designed for pudding! The girls had ice cream and were given the choice between strawberry, choclate or vanilla and I had to have the warm brownie with icecream as that’s my favourite anywhere that we go and Bradley had sweet shop cheesecake.

The value for money is impeccable for the outstanding quality of food that Elite Fish & Chip Restaurant & Takeaway serve. I would highly recommend the Special Fish Dish for anybody who has a big appetite as you won’t be disappointed by any means.  
I just want to say a huge thank you to all the staff and to Nigel we really did have a wonderful time. 

They are also on social media so go over and give them a like or follow. Take a look at the website for details on the menu too 



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