Ultimate Guide –  Facts about me!!

It’s always nice to get to know people and so I thought I would do a guide to me!! I’m not that much of an exciting person but I wanted to give you all a little insight to who I am, I guess to get a little more personal inside of you just seeing my life through posts. 

So here it’s goes, hope you find it helpful in getting to know me. 

I have 15 tattoos!! Yes that’s right, I got my first one when I was 16 ( a little naughty of me) and I have kept adding over the years. 

 This is what I got for my wedding anniversary and Brad got the same.

This one was in memory of my grandparents and a very close friend who passed away. These are 2 of my most treasured tattoos for the meaning behind them both.

My shoulders partially dislocate, due to me having weakened muscles 😦 they first did it when I was 14 and was pushed backwards off a swing. I was given the option to have an operation on them but I refused. 

I started Kickboxing when I was 14 and did pretty well at it even if I do say so myself. I got all the way to brown belt and started my coaching course. 

The reason I started kickboxing was because I was beaten up at school, I was so scared to leave the house without my dad that he enrolled me. 

I have been hit by a car twice in my life. Once when I was about 9 years old, luckily I came away with just a fat lip. The second time I was 10, I broke my leg and ended up in hospital for just over a week and 2 screws in my leg. 

A funny fact is that I can fit my entire fist in my mouth!! Don’t ask me how I discovered this as I can’t remember or even think what would make me try and do it in the first place. 

A very personal fact is that my number is 17!! Im not embarrassed by this one little bit. It’s part of me and who I am! 

When I was younger, around about 16 I was in a very abusive relationship that lasted just over 2 years. It certainly opened my eyes to the fact that people can came across very different to who they actually are.

I am such a neat freak and I can get really anxious if my kitchen is a mess or my living room etc. I am a big believer in clean uncluttered home means a clean and clear mind. I do think I have some mild form of OCD. 

In my younger years, I had a very big party hard attitude and that lead to me being a very big drinker and spending most of my time in the local pub (which is probably why I have a highish number and was a little premiscious) I also dabbled in some not nice substances.

 Let me know some fun facts about yourself 


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