Ethans Japanese Steakhouse

Ethans was opened on 9th May 2016 and was named after a courageous young boy called Ethan Maull who lost his battle with cancer.

Ever since they opened the doors it has done amazing and after being invited to dine here with my family I can see why.  With its huge floor to ceiling  windows, modern green lighting above the tables and sophisticated architecture, the feeling you get when you walk in is great. It really sets a relaxing and comfortable ambience.

We were greeted by Tony who was the manager for the night and he was so enthusiastic and friendly. He gave my daughter’s an activity pack to do  and told us that there was also a colouring competition on the back. This really helped to keep the girls entertained throughout the evening. He also told us that we would be joined by some more guests as the tables can seat up to 8 people. The middle of the table is a flat iron plate which is what teppanyaki means.

Our server was called Julius and he took our drinks order in a very timely manner and was very friendly. The drinks arrived promptly too. He made a fuss of talking to the girls too which was really nice of him.

He then proceeded to ask if anybody at the table had any allergies, he then took our order. The girls choose from the kids menu, Emme had sausage chips and rice and Ava had hot dog, chips and rice. Both Brad and I had the beef soup to start which was full of mouth watering flavour and also the side salad. It tasted fresh and was really crisp and crunchy too. 

Our chef for the evening was Simon and he is the Head Chef. All main courses include the choice of beef or miso soup, the salad with a ginger dressing, 3 jumbo king prawns, egg and veg fried rice and stir fried noodles and vegetables. I ordered salmon and was asked how crispy I wanted the skin in case I was  the skin. It was cooked brilliantly and literally melted in my mouth.It was seasoned to perfection. Brad ordered the steak and chicken combo. He was really impressed and said it was cooked beautifully, he could even try a little bit to see if it was cooked to liking enough, which we both thought was a nice touch. Brad said the chicken was delicious and wasnt overcooked or dry and was really succulent.

When he came to the table he ran through the order to double check that everything was right and again asked if anybody had any allergies. He gave each of us a small pot of sauce, one was honey and mustard and the other was lemon and ginger. He explained which one complimented which dish and explained to us that the sauces are made in house which is always a winner in my eyes.

As Simon was going through and cooking the prawns, noodles and vegetables he was describing every part of the process. He also went into detail about the history of the teppan, the differences in the heat on the plate. It was so refreshing to have a chef who was clearly knowledgeable about the dishes he was serving and the history behind the different aspects. 

The one part which the girls really enjoyed was the fire show at the beginning as well as the juggling with the intention.

It really is like watching a show the whole way through that keeps you on the edge of your seat. The smells too are amazing, I wish I could of bottled it up and done smell vision on the blog for you all.

We also had desserts which were absolute pudding heaven. The girls had ice cream, I had chocolate fudge cake (which might I add is gluten free) and Brad had the fried ice cream 

It was clear to see from the moment we walked into Ethans that the staff enjoy their jobs and are really enthusiastic. The engagement level they have with the customers is fantastic. While we were dining at Ethans there were 2 birthdays and all the staff were encouraged to sing hapy birthday. All in all we had a fantastic time even to the point that we came again 2 weeks later. I certainly urge anybody that has been thinking about trying Ethans to go as you won’t be disappointed. 


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