What’s in my makeup bag?!

I wanted to do a realy relaxed post about makeup products that I use, I am by no means a beauty blogger but i do post so many selfies etc that I wanted to let everybody  know what it is that I use.

These are the products that I use every day because I don’t go out the house without makeup on at all.At the moment I’m using Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation in 201 classic beige. I find this product really easy to apply with either QVS makeup wedges which can be found here or purchased from many supermarket chains  when I add concealer and highlighter also from Rimmel I use a stippling brush No13 from Urban Beauty United.

 The shade for my concealer is 030 classic beige and alsp 010 ivory as my dual highlighter and concealer. I know I am more than likely usinf the wrong shade or products together but I’m pretty sure they work well for me. I use a loose powder to set it all, howecer I can’t remember which one as the writing has gone from the lid. I’m maybe breaking all sorts of makeup laws as I’m 99% certain if I can’t remember the brand or see the make I have had it too long.

I go between using a bronzer from W7 and also a blusher from Benefit called Galifornia depending on what mood I am in. The blusher smells amazing too which is a reason why I love it so much. I use No 11 urban beauty united angled blusher brush, which is fab for getting a great sweep of blusher. I have noted using this bruah you don’t need a lot of blusher or bronzer which, can only be an added bonus as it means the product itself will last longer. 

For my eyebrows I use a pencil from Rimmel in shade 002 hazel. It’s a great pencil as it gives a soft natural look even when freshly sharpened.  I swear by this as I have over plucked my eyebrows in the past and so I really struggle to have full looking eyebrows. Mascara is a lifesaver for me as I never feel like my makeup is finished until I put it on I’m using Maybelline great lashes in blackest of black and I love it. It really gives great coverage without making you look like you have spider legs. 

When it comes to lips I dont have an actual go to colour but I did recently purchase these amazing lip colours from Benefit big sexy lipstick that have vibrant and subtle colours in them. 

Let me know what is in your makeup bag and any products that you are absolutely in love with.

Here is a link for the makeup brushes that I have featured also, the brushes can be purchased in many leading supermarkets and even Lloyds Pharmacy. 




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