An introduction….Why I started my blog

It’s that age old question that many people have asked me since I started this little corner of the internet 18 months ago and rather than just give the answer of “I saw lots of people giving it ago and thought I would try it” I decided to actually sit and think about what really made me do it. 

Let’s face it we see people doing things everyday that we aren’t doing ourselves and don’t go rushing to start them, so what actually made this different?? 

I guess I wanted a hobby as I have times due to hubbys work where I am at home by myself at night and rather than filling  my time with meaningless tv series (I do still do that) I wanted soemthing that actually got my mind engaging. I suppose it became like an online diary of all the things that go round in my head. Soemtimes I just need to get them out and I thought this would be a great way. I never really believed that anybody would be that interested in what I had to say, if I’m honest they arent but that’s fine, because I try not to focus too much on the engagement that my posts get. I do try my best to get my stuff out there and promote them on various social media but it’s not my ultimate goal, most of the time I just write because it’s something close to my heart and I find it quite therapeutic. Don’t get me wrong to be up there with well know bloggers like SarahMartynEmmaNigel and David just to name a few would be amazing. 

In actual fact where I work we had a blogger come in and do a review and once I read her review and other things that she had posted I decided I wanted to have a go, so I guess I owe my very little bit of success to her!! It’s just a tiny little insight into the things that interest me, have touched me in some way, the struggles I face as a mother and the normal day to day stuff. 

Let me know why you started your blog? What you like about blogging and dislike maybe?! 


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