My favourite bloggers

After mentioning a couple of bloggers who I would love to be like, I thought I would do a list of bloggers who I really enjoy reading and stick out to me. These guys are my go to bloggers when I want something to read, that I know will be interesting.

So to kick it off we have the wonderful Al over at He has connected so many dad and parents together and writes about so many topical, relevant subjects. He also writes about himself and his wife Jen who have gone through some very difficult times with miscarriages. They also do some amazing work in bringing parents together  and have set up a cou9le of Facebook groups too over at the dad network and the dad network mum’s.

My next person is Emma over at I love her style of writing and the honesty of her blog posts. I’m pretty sure we can relate to her posts from some point in our parenting lives. One of Emma’s recent posts about being an adult really hit home with me, all about being an adult and having tiny people who rely on you and the things you have to do when you grow up. 

Over at we have Emma and her family. I am insanely jealous (in a good way) of this lady as her home is beautiful and is what my dream house would be like 🙂  I really enjoy Emma’s Insta stories and her fashion posts are amazing. One of my most favourite things that Emma did was an Insta story of her makeup routine that I found really interesting. She always lists every part of her story whether it’s clothes or makeup or items she has got for her home. 

I love Rod over at mainly because of his passion for his children. When he puts pictures of his children on Instagram I love his captions and how full of love and devotion they hold. I follow him more on Instagram than his actual blog posts (sorry) i love the little questions he posts on there and find reading other people’s answers really interesting too.

I love Sarah at simply because her posts are always topical and and it’s really nice to see her children on the blog too, it’s like watching them grow up. Her posts are also honest and open which I love. I love seeing Sarahs happy post each week too, it’s a lovely little bit of positivity to the week 🙂 

Obviously there are loads more that I really enjoy and I read often too but these were the ones that I wabted to show case. 

Who are you go to list of bloggers? Can you suggest any others to me? 


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