Missing out as a working parent!! 

Accidental Hipster Mum“>

I suddenly thought to myself the other day on how much I actually miss out on my daughter’s with being a working parent and felt really guilty about it.

My husband sent me a voice recording of Emme-Mai reading her school book, it was 11 minutes long and I sat at work in the office, just listening to how amazing she sounded. It occured to me, like a huge lighting bolt to the head that my daughter’s spend more time at school and the childminders house, then they actually do at home!!! Now obvioisly the school thing is needed and I get that, but the girls get sent to a child minder so that we can work early mornings and late evenings. Sometimes my husband and I have to do the handover of the girls at work.  

I remember when Ava-Leigh was a baby and me and her biological dad split up, sje was forever at nursery so that I could go to work. I missed so much of her younger life because I was at work. I know I am doing a good thing by being a working mum but sometimes I feel like I am putting more effort into the business I work for rather than being a parent!! 

Does anybody else feel like this? How do you combat these feelings? 


5 thoughts on “Missing out as a working parent!! 

  1. I felt like this with my daughter! I’m lucky enough to be mostly at home with Greg. I go to uni two days a week then earn a part-time wage from my blog. My home life is much busier but I’m so grateful I can do it this way.
    I have no advice on how to combat the feeling, it’s just something you need to do so don’t beat yourself up. You’re working to give them a good life x

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  2. It’s such a tough balance to strike, I get that. I gave up my business and whole career when Amelia was just over a year old because it struck me that other people had been parenting her more than I had. The financial hit was hard, but we’ve made it through. I’d go so far as to say we’re happier without my income than we were with it. #RV&HT


  3. I don’t have kids, but my dad worked a lot – we appreciated what he did for us, even though we would’ve preferred more time with him. What was worse was when he was too tired to play with us, or when an emergency at work meant that he had to work even in his time off – safeguard the time that you *do* have with your kids, as much as it’s possible to do so! #RV&HT

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    1. Thanks, it’s just so hard to find the even balance between work, time with the girls and then doing the housework etc. I’m not sure I have got the right balance yet but I’m trying

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