I was lucky enough to be invited to McDonald’s at St Andrews Quay in Hull to experience the revolution that is happening. I remember having birthdays here as a child, visiting as a treat after school on a Friday, hanging around as a teenager and now taking my own children, so I jumped at the chance to be able to go behind the scenes.

McDonald’s has been in the UK  for over 40 years opening its first restaurant in 1974 in Woolwich and those Golden Arches have become famous worldwide especially with children. The way McDonald’s has continued to grow over the years with 36899 restaurants worldwide its clear they are really in tune withe consumers and what they want. McDonald’s has had a fast expansion over the years to keep up with demand and their popularity. In a world of fast pace and us as the consumers needing quick meals on the run we are always on the look out for ways to make things faster and McDonald’s has clicked onto this way before anybody else in the fast food industry and moved into the modern age of technology.


They have introduced some amazing new kiosks, where the customer can order, personalise and pay all at one point. With the kiosks you can also take advantage of the new table service that has been introduced, yes you read that correctly. All you have to do is look up to see the different zones and select which one you will be sitting in and your order will be brought over to you once its ready. You do still have the option to collect from the counter if you wish.

A break down of each of the menu items
Here is where you can personalise your burger


With being able to lower the screen for wheelchair users and children it means that McDonald’s are taking into consideration all types of consumers and that is something that I really like about McDonald’s as a company. The kiosks are easy to use, have a quick response in terms of when you select something. Its also a great way for me to involve my daughters in them ordering their own food and use the table service option, so that I can get them sat down and settled.

The menu boards have also changed into bright, colourful engaging digital ones. This makes it easier to see what McDonald’s have to offer and also may make you change from your usual same order to something different. We were told by the team that since these changes the chicken menu has gone up by 70% alone and it has also given them the chance to expand the menu. This comprises of The Classic, The BBQ and The Spicy. We were lucky enough to try these and I have to say you should really taste them as you wont be disspaointed. The beef patty is thick and succulent and really doesnt taste like anything that McDonald’s has done previosuly.


The first permanent addition The Signature Collection


We were taken behind the scene into the crew room which was a big space with lockers toilets and walls full of posters, information and really was light and colourful. You normally think of staff rooms being dull and dingey but this really wasnt the case here. It also is used as a training room with a huge interactive screen. Laid out on the table was our very own uniform with hat, hair net and apron. It also included our very own name badge which i was very excited at the prospect of keeping!!IMG_20170428_010645_184

We were taken into the kitchen which was really relaxed, if im honest I wasnt expecting. Normally you think of kitchens being manic, shouting and everybody everywhere. However all members of staff were at their stations, just getting on with their jobs even though it was busy. Now that everything is made to order everybody has a set job to, which seems to be why its a very calm atmosphere.

The grills which the patties are cooked are self leveling, which means once the lid is shut it automatically sets the timer for how long it takes to cook, depending on the thickness that it detects of the patty. With everything being cooked to order it means that McDonald’s are giving their customers 100% freshly cooked food which in my opinion is the best thing they could of done in this new revolution. The kitchen is all set up with colour coded trays and easy to see spec guides above very satisfyingly set out boxes. They are clean and tidy with everything in its place and easy to move around, which made it safe and comfortable for us bloggers. All sites are set up the same for ease of employees if they move between sites. With moving forward into a more digital set up I wondered if it meant that they had lost staff but in fact it is the opposite, they have hired more staff and taken existing staff from the tills and utilised them in the kitchen.

I was a little nervous at the prospect of making my own Big Mac however it was actually really fun especially using the sauce gun! We were shown by a member of staff first and then let lose and I was rather proud of my little creation. It looked just like the professionals do it even if i do say so myself.


Once we had all finished our Big Mac experience we got to sit down and eat them, ask more questions and also try a couple of possible new additions to the McFlurry range. These may or may not be a cheesecake one and millionaire surprise (wink wink) I must say they were really yummy though.

While we were sat eating I noticed on the table there was a little round device that I was told was a universal charging point for mobile devices, which is a great little gadget as lets face it, we all know the struggle of phones dying, so while enjoying your meal you can also charge your phone. Another addition to McDonald’s digital advances are tablets on some of the tables. These are on closed networks so you don’t have to worry about your children going on them and coming across anything that they shouldn’t. You can access things to do with McDonald’s like nutritional values and careers to games and social media and news.

All in all McDonald’s have made a huge leap into the digital world and made some amazing transformations in terms of looking at what the consumers want and they have done it so well. If you haven’t already experienced these new features then I strongly recommend that you get yourself to #YourNewMcDonalds and let me know what you think.



This is a sponsored post however all opinions are my own.


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