Uncommongoods Review

Uncommongoods is a great site full of beautiful home decor pieces, that are quirky and unique. They also do gifts, jewellery, furniture and garden. The company has been awarded for outstanding customer service every year since 2007 and its clear to see why. They also achieved BizRate Platinum Circle of Excellence award which is the highest achievement so far.

I love the fact that this company also donate so much money to charity, so far they have donated over $1 million to charities around the world in the last 12 years.

So when I was asked to review some of their products I jumped at the chance, lets face it who doesn’t love getting bits for their home. I love nick knack bits and am always on the look out for something that helps to make my house feel like a home. I was asked to choose what I wanted and after looking through the extensive range on the website I came across this.


This can hold up to 7 pictures and has 3 lower stands and 4 high stands. Its a fab little addition to any desk space as it also has a little pot to hold stationary bits. I have put it on my desk with a couple of pictures and a pot full of pens!! It is well made and very sturdy but also lightweight too.


I also decided on a light box which I have been after for ages and so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to get one, I love that we can leave messages for each other and I think it really adds a touch of uniqueness to our home.


This comes with 100 letters, numbers and characters and also blank tiles so that you can create your own letters in case you need more. You have a usb adapter so you can use it off the mains, or you can put batteries in it. The letters are so easy to just slide in and then turn it on and off you go. Its really well made and light so you can move it around your home.

I am really pleased with every aspect of my products and how quickly the products arrived, considering they were shipped from America!!

Here are some links so you can take a look for yourself at the amazing products

check out these unique garden gifts

there are some great pieces to add to your home here

blankets & pillows

This is a sponsored post, however all opinions are my own!!


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