Daddys Little Girl – My Hero

With Fathers Day coming up I wanted to write a little bit about my dad.Over the last 29 years I have watched my dad endure some pretty hard times and as I have gotten older I have realised just how much of an amazing man he is. 

He has always worked his ass off throughout his life and even more so when I came along. It often meant my parents worked opposite shifts and my dad mostly worked nights, so he would get home around about 6:30am, get his head down for an hour or so and then be up with me while my mum went to work. I never really knew it when I was little as he never flagged or was lazy, we would have fun playing games, going for bike rides to the local supermarket, garden centres etc.


One of my favourite memories from my childhood is when he would go out and water his plants as he loves gardening, I would follow behind with my miniature watering can, asking him all about the flowers and the names. I would help him to plant them, take the dead heads off and also help chose new ones when we went to the garden centre. It will be a memory that I treasure for the rest of my life.

Even when things got tough as I got older and my mum became poorly, My dad remained strong throughout it all. He was always there for me and helped me to deal with having to live at my grandparents due to him working nights still. He would pick me up from school on a Friday afternoon and I would spend the weekend with him and visiting my mum in hospital. He was the perfect dad during such hard times and did his best. I also remember when I used to get up for school he would be downstairs after his night shift watching Star Trek and would always say I looked like a Klingon due to my heavy wrinkle lines in my forehead!! For anybody who isn’t aware of what a Klingon looks like here you go!!


My dad is a man of few words and isn’t a massive social butterfly, however he has always been there to give me advice, even if I haven’t wanted it or listened to it, but I must say through gritted teeth he has been right on the majority of occasions and looking back I wish I had listened to a lot of it as it would of saved me heartache and embarrassment. I remember when I was beaten up at school at I was scared shit-less to go out of the house he would encourage me to go to the shop with him and tell me that while he was there with me nothing would happen, he enrolled me into kickboxing and would take me to my lessons and wait with me, then take me home and go off to work, often making him late but he did it for me because he knew I was too scared to be left on my own. He would train with me at home, ready for my headings, even putting up a punch bag in our garage to help me. He loves martial arts when he was younger, especially the legendary Bruce Lee which is where my love of martial arts come from and I remember my dad teaching me the famous 1 inch punch in our hall way.


My dad could also be a right grumpy git and I often call him Victor Meldrew but as he has gotten older he has chilled out a bit more, maybe that’s since I moved out and stopped causing him so much stress. Along with the grumpiness also comes sarcasm too which can be really bloody annoying and if I’m stressed about something he always says it is character building, and my response is no it’s soul destroying!! We have the best relationship now and I was so proud to have him walk me down the aisle when I got married. Although like I have said previously about him not being very social, he stood up and made a speech at the wedding and because he was feeling embarrassed, he made me get up and twirl around which he knew would make me embarrassed too, but we laughed and did it together!


He made me feel so comfortable before we walked into the church and I think this picture sums that up, we were both laughing and it was the perfect way to enter.


Not only does he carry the title of Dad but also Granddad and I couldn’t wish for a better grandad for my daughter’s. He is always there for them both and will even allow them to paint his nails!! He plays football with them in the garden and his traits that I love so much about him are now shining through to the girls!!


So Happy Fathers Day dad, I love you and you will always be my hero


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