Girls Don’t Just Simply Decide to Hate Their Bodies Part 1

Ava-Leigh is growing up so quickly, I feel like I have blinked and the last nearly 9 years have just disappeared. She is growing up to be an intelligent, caring, fun, witty, cheeky young girl. I love these aspects of her personality coming through, but the one thing I don’t like is the body conscious side of her growing up.

Now I know its a natural progression and all of us go through it, but I feel like there is so much more pressure on young girls nowadays then what there was when I was her age. She has really started to become more fashion conscious, which means the majority of the clothes i would like her to wear aren’t in fashion according to her. She is all about cold shoulder tops, sandals with heels and definitely no more character t-shirts from her favourite program. I do like that she is taking an interest in fashion etc but i feel like young girls are growing up way to fast and are becoming more like teenagers quicker than their age can keep up. When it comes to school discos or parties I swear she takes longer than me to decide on an outfit and when I think she has made a decision she comes from her room in something totally different. Even then I can guarantee that she will change her top 3 more times and then its all about the accessories and which bag to take, what bracelet to wear and does a necklace really go with the top, please don’t get me started on shoes either.

Along with all that we now have makeup to contend with!! I was always hesitant when it came to this and I didn’t even let her have her nails painted until she was like 5 and even then it had to be the peel off nail varnish and I would be damned if I was letting her wear anything brighter than a pale shade of pink!! But for her birthday and Christmas last year she asked for makeup and if im honest a little part of me died inside, because I wanted her to realise you don’t need makeup to feel or look beautiful. I explained to her that she was stunning without it to which she replied, “but mummy you wear makeup all the time” and I knew in that moment I had to admit a slight defeat against my then nearly 8 year old. I told her yes i do wear makeup all the time, but that was because i was older and when i was younger, I didn’t realise how beautiful i was without it and its now just habit. Shit I am being a hypocrite to my daughter, im telling her she doesn’t need makeup but here I am, the woman who wont go out the house without my face done! So i allowed my friends and family to buy her makeup and but under the strict instructions that it was to be appropriate for her age. Myself and hubby did buy her makeup too but a very small amount, as I got knots in my stomach knowing that she would be wearing it.

I have come round to the idea of makeup however my heart did break a little when she told me one day that she wanted foundation to cover up her freckles because her skin didn’t look nice because of them. At this point I told her that makeup was to enhance what you already have and that people go as far as to draw freckles on their faces because they want them. She was gobsmacked by this and told me that famous people don’t have freckles. How in hells name do you explain airbrushing and photo shop to a young girl, I tell you how, you find the video that made its rounds on social media and show your daughter exactly what goes into making these women plastered everywhere, look like the ‘perfect’ woman!! That being said it isn’t just social media that has made my girl feel like this, its me!! She has seen me over the years cover my face in foundation, concealer, mascara, blusher, lipstick etc, just to nip to the shops at half 3 on a Saturday afternoon, even though I haven’t had makeup on all day. I have been the one showing my daughter that makeup is needed, that to feel confident and be confident, you need to apply a mask as such!!

This is something that I am trying to work on to show Ava-Leigh that I don’t wear as much makeup now, I try and make it more subtle, less blusher, a lighter foundation etc and it does seem to be working. She isn’t asking to wear it as much now as what she was. This may be partly to do with the fact that the novelty has worn off for her as well. Maybe she has seen that wearing makeup all the time isn’t such fun. Who knows only time will tell.





5 thoughts on “Girls Don’t Just Simply Decide to Hate Their Bodies Part 1

  1. It’s so hard isn’t it. Peer pressure too if all her friends are doing it. I don’t think my daughter was that young but I rarely wear makeup, only if I’m dressing up to go out. I do think the novelty wears off too.
    I saw a photo of a friends daughter on fb, she was about 8 or 9 with full makeup on and the caption “doesn’t she look beautiful?” No I thought and I just couldn’t bring myself to like the pic either.

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    1. I never allow ava to wear a huge amount of makeup and like I say, I am normally the one that puts it on her so I can vet what colours etc. I do think it’s a normal part of growing up but i don’t ever want her to think she has to wear it to look beautiful x


  2. Such a difficult topic to navigate with young girls. A few months ago I saw a facebook post by my adult niece who had been helping her 6 yr old daughter fet ready for a birtbday meal out. This involved chosing an outfit, getting her hair done and putting on her makeup. Now it was subtle makeup but it made me very sad that she was teaching her daughter that makeup is a necessity for going out anywhere.


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