Fuck Old School Gender Roles

I went to get my youngest daughter a birthday card and it dawned on me that all the cards that said daughter on them were pink, princesses, fluffy cats and cute type ones. Now while I get that this is perfectly fine, what about having cards for women that have characters like Spider-Man, avenger, or a bottle of beer and a sports car on them?? Or on the flip side, cards for men with shopping bags, glasses of wine or shoes on them? 

My daughter is loving Paw Patrol at the minute and her favourite character is Chase, now to find anything with Chase on, I am directed to the ‘boy’s section whether that be for clothes in Primark or Asda or a Chase toy it’s listed as boys toys. Why can’t clothing just be labelled kids clothes and kids toys!! No end of my daughter’s current Paw Patrol items have come from the boys section and it really bloody annoys me. She is 5 for god sake, why can’t she walk into a shop and pick up a pair of Spider-Man trainers from just a section of the shop? Why should she be made to feel like she is getting something that is meant for boys according to these big corporate businesses? Even if it isn’t listed as the boys section, how many times do you see whole shopping on line, girls playing with the diggers in the picture or boys playing with the dolls. I challenge you to find these pictures and actually take note of what it’s showing. 

When I put this out on social media, I had a couple of friends comment saying their daughter was giving a specific swimming aid by the swim teacher because it was pink, I was also told of how a friends cousin enjoyed playing with dolls and pushchairs when he was little and, the family would get strange looks for allowing him to do that! I still know people now who say their sons can’t play with barbies because they are meant for girls. Honestly what sort of a society are we? How can we still be living in a world where boys have to climb trees and play in mud, while girls should be setting out a little tea party with their dolls and teddy bears? 

Why can’t we just let kids be kids and stop labelling them? I am lucky to have 2 daughter’s who are complete opposites and the reason for that is because I have given them the chance to figure out what they like and find their own personalities!! 


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