Kinema in the Woods

The first day of the summer holidays and in true Great British weather style it decided to rain! So we quickly decided that we needed to find something to do indoors that wouldn’t be expensive, but would be enjoyable.

We decided the cinema would be good, so my husband quickly got looking what was on and it was a toss up between Despicable Me 3 or Cars 3. As normal in our house the girls chose complete opposites and so it was decided by watching the trailer for each film.  Despicable Me 3 got the most laughs and so we started to look at booking tickets online. For us to just purchase tickets at a well known cinema it was going to cost £40 alone, without adding the cost of snacks, drinks and then parking!! Brad looked at Kinema in the Woods and the tickets cost £24 and then added £2 for booking online!! At that price it was a no brainer, we were off to Woodhall Spa. Even driving there wasn’t going to cost much in petrol, so it was worth the drive out.

The route was lovely and we came across some idyllic little houses and cottages which I always love to discover. Its my dream to eventually move to the countryside and live in a little cottage style house, so I always notice those things. We drove down a track which has woods either side (obviously) and was greeted by a little cream building. 20170722_174351

The building itself has been there since the 19th century and is thought to be the only remaining full time cinema that uses rear projection, due to the low roof.It really does feel like you are stepping back in time when you enter the building. You queue at a little window to get your tickets and they even give you a little paper stub. The lobby area is full of film memorabilia including old film projectors and lots of pictures of other cinemas from the old days. I wish that I had of had more time to look around and really take in the magic that was there. Its not very big but it full of such history and that really did intrigue me. There is even a Dalek there for you to take pictures with, however Ava-Leigh did think it was R2-D2, oh the shame Ava-Leigh!!20170720_123940

We got our snacks and drinks, which was still just a small amount in comparison to what it would of cost us. We then went into the screen room and it was just beautiful. We found our seats and put the girls booster seats that we were given on the chairs which were those old style red chairs. There are coat hooks on the walls for bags etc as there isn’t loads of room between the rows of chairs, and beautiful mural type paintings and pleasant lights on the ceilings. Again if I had the chance I would of loved to be able to take in the atmosphere of it more.

We got ourselves comfy and started to watch the film which I highly recommend going and seeing over the summer holidays if you get chance. Then half way through there was an interval, where an organist came up through the stage and started playing. We all enjoyed it so much and it made me think of the sort of music that was played in black and white silent films. Once it was finished we went and did the obligatory toilet visit which happens more than once when we go anywhere and made a visit to the ice cream stand too. It is just a perfect little touch to have an interval and makes the visit to Kinema in the Woods even more of a special day out.


I really highly recommend going over to Woodhall Spa and experiencing the delight of Kinema in the Woods take a look at the showings here.

Let me know if you have been here before or if its now on your to do list.


3 thoughts on “Kinema in the Woods

  1. What an idyllic little place, I love old cinemas. The cinema can be so expensive nowadays, easily £50 for 3 of us! Crazy prices! We download and watch films at home and make cinema nights in instead. My 3 year old is a hit and miss so for us it’s a waste as he always wants to leave after the trailers! 😛 x

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    1. It cost us in total £37 if i remember rightly, but if we had of gone to a well known cinema it was of cost just that for the tickets!! We loved it and will be visiting again. I love that it doesnt have the corporate feel to it x


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