Lincoln Knights Trail

I love living in Lincoln and if im honest I take it for granted on how beautiful it is. We have an amazing Cathedral, Castle and the Bailgate area and Steep Hill, that is just draped in fantastic history and wonderful little buildings. I forget how picturesque it all is until  I go to that end. I really could just walk around for hours taking it all in and not get bored.

A few weeks ago myself, my friend and the 3 girls embarked on the the 4 hour walk, 22173 steps and 5.6 miles.


The screenshot from map my walk

The trail is running until 3rd September which means its a great day during the summer holidays, its completely free too which is always a bonus if the pennies are tight. There are 36 Knights to find and they each have a green shield with a symbol. You pick up a free guide and use the key guide to reveal words to make a phrase. You can then take the completed guide and exchange it for a certificate and badge. The trail is to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the Battle of Lincoln and sealing the Charter of the Forest. You can find out about these at knights trail history.

I was so pleased with how well the 3 girls did walking the distance that they did, with little moaning and whinging. They all had a great time looking fir the shield and also the amazing artistry that went into designing the Knights.

I really do recommend anybody who lives in Lincoln or surrounding areas to do the trail as you will really enjoy it and if you haven’t visited Lincoln before you will discover the wonderful history that our little city holds.

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