Birthday Haul Paw Patrol Madness

Birthdays are an amazing time for kids, but stressful for us parents. The worry of what to get them, how much we are spending and where are we going to get the presents from. These are all questions that were running through my head when it came to Emme-Mai’s birthday.


Emme-Mai isn’t your stereotypical girl and I love that about her, she isn’t a girly girl and enjoys all things that society says are predominantly supposed to be for boys, which is perfectly fine, as she knows her own mind and what she wants. At the minute she is obsessed with Paw Patrol, so it only seemed fitting that, that was the theme we were going down for her birthday and her party.

So off we trotted on a day with no children into town and went into The Entertainer in search of all things Paw Patrol related. I was really surprised actually at the selection of things that they had, that were age appropriate. With Emme-Mai turning 5 I was worried that a lot of things may of been more aimed at younger children, but we did really well. She is mad on Chase and Marshall more than the girl characters from the show.  So with that in mind we steered clear of those and headed straight for Chase and Marshall.

So here is a look at what we got for Emme-Mai and how much it was. Hopefully it will give you all some ideas for your little ones.

  1. Paw Patrol Sticker Dispenser £25.00 (when we purchased this it was on sale at £12.50)
  2. Paint your own Paw Patrol Characters £10.00
  3. Watch £2.80 (again this was a sale item so check the website)
  4. Playing Cards £1.00
  5. Colour your Own Backpack £5.00
  6. School Bag £5.20
  7. Drink Canteen £3.00
  8. Lunch Bag £4.00
  9. Roller Skates £9.00

All of these have been checked on the website which is linked further up and all prices were correct at the time of posting.

Let me know if your little one is mad on paw patrol and if this has given you some ideas for upcoming birthdays.



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