How to use e-cigs to quit smoking

We all understand how smoking tobacco cigarettes affect our health and well-being. Numerous studies have revealed the various effects of cigarette smoking and how it has an impact on a person’s life. The only best way to protect your lungs from damage and other effects is giving up smoking altogether.

Giving up smoking isn’t however that easy. Although you may have the will and desire to quit, you may still need some assistance to sail through. Electronic cigarettes provide a viable solution for anyone struggling to give up the addiction. Many cigarette users have been able to cut down their addiction for nicotine using these gadgets, you too can. 

How electronic cigarettes help people quit smoking:

1. Cut down chemicals

Tobacco burns to produce various types of carcinogens alongside nicotine. Some of the harmful compounds produced include arsenic (used in rat poison), tar, butane (lighter fluid), and carbon monoxide. Almost every smoker knows of the harmful compounds that burning tobacco produces, but is oblivious of the effects. Many people continue using these cigarettes despite the health warnings on the cigarette pack. Some even go to an extent of lighting cigarettes when in a doctor’s office. Banishing these chemicals is however the first step to giving up the addiction. Electronic cigarettes help with just that as they only contain nicotine and some preservatives. E-cigs contain only flavorings, nicotine,and propylene glycol to be more specific. This takes care of all the other nasty chemicals found in the traditional tobacco cigarettes, hence a start to helping you fight nicotine addiction. 

2. Cut down Nicotine Levels

Giving up cigarette smoking is no easy thing, but rather a gradual process. Depriving your system of nicotine only sends your body into shock leading to withdrawal symptoms. Nevertheless, e-cigs help cut down on the levels of nicotine you inhale per puff. The reduced nicotine percentage helps your body adjust gradually thus making it possible to reduce the addiction with time. E-Cigs by tricking the brain that it is getting enough nicotine, or rather, you are smoking while in real sense, the nicotine concentration has declined. This goes on like this until you are vaping at 0% nicotine levels. Under normal circumstances, e-cigs and eliquid have almost the same nicotine concentration as a regular cigarette at 1.2mg. The catch with e-cigs is that you can have the strength reduced with each refill. This is to say; you can have the nicotine levels reduced from 1.2 to 0.2mg, though gradually to enable your body to adapt. The best thing about this is that your brain hardly notices the change, hence a great way to induce a detox. 

3. Break the Smoking Habit

To many people, reaching for a cigarette subconsciously, lighting it up, and taking a puff is not only enjoyable but also a stress buster. Giving up such habit is the other tasking bit about quitting smoking. E-cigs, however, allow you to continue reaching for the cigarette while enjoying low or zero nicotine e-smoke. This way, you are safeguarded from the harmful elements of smoking while still enjoying the acquired habit. 

Although your body may have given up the nicotine, some people still find themselves struggling with the habit. Nonetheless, having an e-cig within reach can save you the trouble. Most smokers find themselves giving up the e-cig altogether in the long run. This gives way to an addiction-free life, where one can spend days or even months without missing the cigarette or depending on the ecig stick. If you however love the feeling of holding something between your fingers, you can then continue using the nicotine free e-smoke. You could even opt for a flavored 0% nicotine e-cig for optimal satisfaction. 

The Future of E Cigarettes

Many addicts have tried electronic cigarettes and managed to un-york themselves from nicotine addiction. Other people switch to electronic cigarettes for they are safer and much easier to use. With the many health benefits that come with making the switch, electronic cigarettes definitely have a future. 

NHS might be adopting electronic cigarette use for it patients, but only via a prescription. Many have welcomed this move and termed it a good one. This device may be the breakthrough for patients that have been struggling with nicotine addiction, and also a way to prevent lung cancer. Whether looking for a healthy smoking experience or need to quit the habit altogether, making the switch may be the solution. Many have benefited from this device and you too can. All you need is decide to make the switch. You also get more flavors to choose from while vaping too.


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