All stressed out!! 

I have had such a stressful couple of weeks and it has really knackered me out. I honestly feel like I have gone 10 rounds with Mike Tyson. I am mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted.  It got me thinking about the ways I can try to de-stress, unwind and relax. As a working parent I rarely get chance to unwind as my mind is always full of the things that need doing.I know that when I am stressed I have som go to things to try and bring me down a little. Everybody deals with stress in their own ways and so, find their own specific ways in which to relax. 

Most of the time, I tend to just have a chilled out bubble bath with candles, face mask and maybe a glass of wine. I lay back close my eyes and just drift away. Now that all sounds perfect but I can guarantee at somepoint during that I will have at least 2 visits from the girls and numerous questions shouted through the wall at me.

 I also like to colour, which may sound ridiculous but I find it really therapeutic. I also tend to not concentrate while colouring. But it has to be in my book, with my crayons and felt tips, no going out the lines, deciding what part I colour next, using the colours that I want. Maybe its a control thing, Im making the choices, which could be what I am lacking in life and thats why I stressed.

It also links to my manic cleaning too, which is what I do when my life is totally out of control. I am a pain in the arse when I get like that though and I swear I can go through at least 2 bottles of bleach and 2 or 3 spray bottles in a couple of hours. My husband has on a few occasions come home and been greeted at the front door with the strong smell of cleaning products and knows full well that I have been on a huge mission. I always think a clean and clutter free home will equal a clean and clutter free mind. 

I asked some friends what they do to realx and they said get away for a few days to center parcs, which is always a great way to unwind, no stresses of home life or worrying. Anothet friend said singing is a great way for him to de stress too. Singing is a great way to relax and de stress to. If I sang I would make it rain for months on end im sure. This is what he said.

You breathe in quickly and release slowly……it’s therapeutic and doesn’t matter if you can’t even sing…’s the process of singing  that de-stresses you.

What do you guys do to destress and relax? Can you give me any other ideas that would help? 


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